July 2022

Emerging Issues at the Nexus of Business and Sustainability

The latest edition of  The Fast Forward  explores how extreme heatwaves could affect infrastructure, the growing momentum behind “nature positive” approaches to ecosystems and natural resources, and why a surge in commercial activity in space poses serious sustainability challenges.

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Nature Positive Gathers Momentum

Nations, businesses, investors, and civil society are increasingly shifting from a “do no harm” approach to ecosystems and natural resources to a “nature positive” one. New frameworks and targets are emerging to drive this move, which will require businesses to take a holistic mindset toward nature, people, and the climate.

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Infrastructure Breaks Under Extreme Heat

As extreme heatwaves become more common, it’s not only people who must learn to cope with them. The infrastructure that society depends upon could buckle and even break as power lines, refrigeration units, roads, and rail lines simultaneously fail. Business could face disruption to both their own processes as well as access to goods and services, with knock-on effects for consumers and employees.

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Sustainability in Space: The Next Frontier

The commercial space industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with a surge in the number of launches and satellites in orbit. This growth creates new business opportunities, but it also leads to sustainability challenges both on Earth and in space, such as increases in greenhouse gas emissions from launches and orbital debris.

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The Fast

米6体育APP Sustainable Futures Lab

The Fast Forward , a quarterly publication produced by the 米6体育APP Sustainable Futures Lab , explores emerging issues at the nexus of business and sustainability. Each edition will focus on nascent trends that are likely to disrupt the operating context of the future and that will require a robust and forward-looking sustainability strategy to navigate.

About 米6体育APP Sustainable Futures Lab

米6体育APP’s Sustainable Futures Lab helps businesses navigate an increasingly turbulent world by creating more resilient and sustainable strategies. The Sustainable Futures Lab was created to enable foresight-driven engagement with disruptive change in order to help businesses spot emerging issues early, explore different possible futures, and develop more resilient and sustainable strategies.

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